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What services do you offer with your yoga teaching?


I offer a wide spectrum of services focused on specific needs of clients. I offer private sessions for individuals or for small groups in the comfort of their own apartments or offices, or even outdoors on sunny days if they prefer! I spend time evaluating each individual client's needs and concerns, whether they have never taken a yoga class in their life or are looking for someone to help them deepen their practice.

I also offer corporate yoga classes, where I will come to your office for an individual or group session, bringing all of the equipment needed to lead a yoga class right in your boardroom or office. Classes are designed for all experience levels and will help your employees resume their work with more efficiency, productivity, and grace.

These are my most common services, but I am also available to teach classes online to clients remotely, do online workshops for students, or even teach yoga retreats. Retreats can range from organized retreats where the retreat is all planned out for you, or if a group of people wants a yoga teacher to come teach them while on vacation, that can be arranged as well.


What if I'm new to yoga and have never taken a class? What if I'm not flexible or what if I have terrible balance, is yoga still an option for me?


My belief is that yoga is for everyone! Trying yoga for the first time can be intimidating, but I aim to make clients feel comfortable, safe, and to enjoy their experiences with yoga. Being flexible does not make you good at yoga, and vice versa, so if you can't touch your toes don't worry! Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and everyone can benefit both physically and mentally from practicing yoga. Personally, I have had numerous injuries in the past from sports that prevent me from doing even some of the most basic poses, but I've never let it stop me from continuing to do yoga. Yoga is a journey and a learning experience, so the important thing is to only observe your personal progress along the way!


Where do you teach your students? 


I come to teach students in their own personal space, usually an apartment or office. It is important to feel comfortable during a private session, and oftentimes people are most at-ease in a familiar setting. It is important to have enough space to move around comfortably and easily, and my general guideline for space requirements is a clear space about 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. Basically enough space for you to easily stretch out your arms and legs as wide as you can while standing or laying down. This allows you to easily do poses, but also allows space for me to help adjust your postures without being too cramped.


Do I have to have a yoga mat to practice?


I would highly recommend getting your own yoga mat so that you may practice as much as possible, but I can also provide mats and other props upon request! The use of props such as blocks, straps, and blankets can be immensely helpful for achieving more comfort or better alignment for many postures. These are all things I can bring to sessions, and I usually bring at least one block because it is such a great tool to help students with a wide variety of postures.


Do you teach groups or special events?


Absolutely! Often friends, families, or couples will want to practice together as a great and healthy activity or bonding experience. It is also a great way to bond with co-workers in a corporate environment that gives people an out-of-the box perspective with their fellow employees. I am even available to teach at event such as Bachelorette parties, baby showers, girls' night in activity nights, and endless other events! Please feel free to contact me regarding any special events you may have in mind. 


What should I wear to yoga?


Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move around easily and fit close to the body such as leggings or gym clothes. Try to avoid anything too baggy or clothing with lots of zippers or buttons because they can get in the way or sometimes require constant readjustment or discomfort.


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