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Megan has been passionate about travel all her life, and she loves to see new places, meet new people, explore other cultures, and share her love of adventure with others. She can show you the world from the perspective of a well-seasoned traveller with years of experience, and offers a wide range of services including travel writing, trip research, and travel consulting. She is also going to help promote her travel services with the help of her soon-to-launch travel company and website, World of Wanderland.


She has been around the world for both work and for pure pleasure, and her adventures have led her through many countries, cities, and life changes. She believes that travel is an important element in our busy society because it has the power to bring people together through authentic and extraordinary experinces. She advocates youth travel and independant travel as important in our modern culture because it encourages learning, understanding, compassion, and growth.


Combining travel and yoga is an obvious choice for Megan, and she is available to organize, help research, teach yoga and run yoga retreats worldwide. With her extensive travel background and insight into some of the world's most beautiful locations, let her be your guide to some of the most breathtaking places imaginable. 


Whether you want to go on a yoga retreat with your friends, need a guide to show you around an exciting or exotic new location, or merely want tips and advice on certain destinations, Megan can help you explore the endless possibilities!


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